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Wisdom Preserve: the answer to health issues in Jamaica

The devastating impact that the current health issues have locally on the island is absurd when there is such an abundance of healing fruits, vegetables and herbs that are not being utilized. The rise in big business, fast foods and conveniences are quickly destroying the fabric and well being of the once rich Jamaican culture.

What we are dealing with is that parents and society as a whole taught children to only care about money and as a result the youth of today are disconnected from culture, morals, integrity, responsibility and most of all their own ability to tap into their well spring of infinite potential. The lure of commercialism, big city trends and a get rich quick consciousness is destroying a whole generation and populating the prison industrial complexes throughout the US & Caribbean.

Because of the toxicity and lack of nutritional value in mass produced foods today a new generation of spirit warriors are going back to the land making a deeper connection to Mother Earth . We have come to realize the only way to guarantee good health is by farming the land. The way we see it the future is in organic agriculture.

What we found is that when you put young people in a farming environment managed by caring and loving adults who teach in a wholistic way and they get their hands and feet in the soil there is an electrical current connection that occurs and they find their well. Connecting to the Earth in this way has an extremely transformative effect. Farming is the medicine the whole world needs! The future is in agriculture!

Our plan is to empower the families of this community to revitalize their farming practices and establish educational programs in sustainable off grid living, organic farming, wellness and music with a strong emphasis on inspiring our youth that have lost faith in the system.

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