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Island Care for a Community Activist Scholarship: 


Help Fund a 5-day Solstice Chakra Reset with Sheena Sood and Empress Thandi-Wise


In organizing our very first Solstice Chakra Reset, we (Empress and Sheena) realize that the opportunity to partake in a yoga/wellness retreat that involves international travel, requesting time off from work/family, and actually allowing ourselves to take a break from responsibilities to our community and families is not a luxury everyone can afford! This is why we are committed to raising $3,400 to offer 2 - “Island Care for a Community Activist Scholarships” to people who want to attend our Solstice Chakra Reset in Treasure Beach, Jamaica this June 16-21, 2020. 


We especially want to prioritize offering these scholarships to people who want to attend but cannot -- either because of financial need or because they are caregivers/activists who seldom invest in their own healing. These are the same friends and loved ones who continually pour their care into others and who desperately need their cup to be filled. This scholarship fund is about sustaining the capacity of caregivers, community organizers and activists who extend their heart and labor into other people’s empowerment and wellness but often do not receive the support and rest they need to be able to care for themselves. We want to invite people who are on the path of spiritual activism and/or in need of a restorative reset to be able to participate in this 5-day adventure and retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica with us. We hope to raise enough funding to cover nearly all the costs for 2 individuals to attend this Solstice Chakra Reset. This would include costs for roundtrip flights to/from Montego Bay Airport (unless of course they are residents of Jamaica), housing accommodations at Jack Sprat Motel, and the yoga practice/chakra philosophy scholarship tuition. The estimated cost for 2 scholarships is $3,400.


Even though many of you cannot attend our 2020 Solstice Chakra Reset, this fundraiser offers a way for you to engage in compassionate solidarity and support the capacity of someone else to participate in this sacred and restorative journey! What do you say? Can you invest $100, $50, or $25 into a fund to help another human partake in this spiritual retreat, so they can come back refreshed and share tangible wellness skills with their communities? Every dollar that we raise above our goal of $3,400 will go toward food and care costs for participants on the retreat!


Thank you. 

In light and blessings,

Empress and Sheena


Now nominate yourself or a loved one for a scholarship to participate in our . 

Solstice Chakra Yoga Reset

And once again, here's the link to our GO FUND ME fundraiser:

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