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    Booking your Solstice Chakra Reset


Thank you for your interest in booking your Solstice Chakra Reset with us. We look forward to meeting you in Caribbean paradise for our collectively rejuvenating adventure.


Now that you have selected a package that fits your needs and desires, please follow the instructions carefully to register and submit a payment for your retreat. 


There are two steps to completing your registration for the retreat; the first step is to submit your deposit (using the instructions below), and the second step is to complete this registration form.


We want to make payment convenient for you. Payments for the retreat can be made in 2 ways, via PayPal for Stephen Wise (, one of our retreat coordinators and Empress Thandi’s husband. (to or by Venmo/check (checks can be made out to "Sheena Sood").

50 percent of full payment due at time of registration. Full payment due by April 30, 2020. If you wish to make a payment via check, please make it out to "Sheena Sood" and mail your check to the following address.

If you want to discuss other alternatives for payment, please email us at

If you plan to pay via PayPal, log into your account at, follow these directions to complete your payment:  

1. Select the “send or request money” feature. Under the “Send” tab.

2. Proceed to enter the following email address: "," and if prompted for a Name, enter "Stephen Wise." Then click “Next."
3. Enter the amount that you are paying for your deposit (at least 50% of the full payment) and click “Continue.” The deposit and payment amounts are listed below for reference.

4. Select the “sending to a friend” feature.

5. In the “Add a Note” section, please specify which retreat package you are making a deposit or payment for (e.g. OV1, JS-2, or others). The packages are listed below for your convenience. If you plan to pay via installments, please let us know with as much detail as possible what your intentions for your payment plan are. As we receive your payments, we will send you a personal email confirming your payment, and an update regarding your remaining balance. We will also send you notifications and reminders about payment deadlines.

6. Before you hit submit, make sure you have read and agree to our payment and cancellation policy.

7. Confirm your contact information/address if prompted, and click “continue.”

8. Confirm all the information related to your payment method is accurate, and click “Send Payment Now.”

9. Once you have submitted your payment, please be sure to complete a registration form for the retreat!

10. Congratulations and thank you for signing up for our Solstice Chakra Reset. We look forward to meeting you in June in Treasure Beach, Jamaica! 


Ocean View Hotel Room


OV-1 Single: $2,150                       Single Deposit[2]: $968

OV-2 Double:  $1,620                  Double Deposit: $729


Garden View Hotel Room


GV-1 Single: $1,950                       Single Deposit[4]: $878

GV-2 Double:  $1,520                  Double Deposit: $684


3-bedroom Cottage (Mussels)


CM-1 Single: $1,950                      Single Deposit[6]: $878

CM-2 Double:  $1,520                 Double Deposit: $684


2-bedroom Cottage (Snapper or Sweet Lip)


CM-1 Single: $1,890                      Single Deposit[8]: $851

CM-2 Double:  $1,490                 Double Deposit: $671


Jack Sprat Motel (Across the Street)

(JS-1) Single: $1,300                                    Single Deposit: $585

(JS-2) Double: $1,020                                   Double Deposit: $459

(JS-4) Quad: $950                                             Quad Deposit: $428

(JS-D) Dorm: $870                                           Dorm Deposit: $392


Sheena Sood
4229 Baltimore Ave, Apt 3F
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Empress Thandi Wise and Sheena Sood


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