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Empress Thandi

 About Ancestral Wisdom Preserve

Queen Mother Didi Colquhoune



Empress Thandi Wise 

is a Mother, Wife, Sister and Daughter whose professional accolades include: Certified Yoga Therapist ECYT 800, Womb Wellness Practitioner, Certified & registered Colon Hydro Therapist with IACT (International Association of Colon Hydro-Therapy), Holistic Medicine Woman, Birth Doula, Full Lotus Birth Practitioner and a Certified Raw Food Chef, “Food as Medicine”. She also Studied at Temple University PASEP, Yoga Life Institute, Queen Afua Wellness Institute (QAWI), St John's Academy of Natural Sciences and a certified raw food chef studied with Alissa Cohen. A Certified health & wellness coach, business owner and co-founder of Ancestral Wisdom Preserve.


Her mantra: One Earth, One Dream, One Team, One Love fuels her determination to Preserve the land and all the Wisdom that comes from it.


Thandi Wise was born in this island of wood and water. As a child she made chocolate balls to sell and herbal teas for people in her local community in White Horses, St Thomas Jamaica. It was her family that passed on to her the knowledge which she now channels as the foundation of all her work.

Leaving her birth home at an early age and moving to New York she was faced with being an ancestral soul in a physical body in a foreign land. The challenge was to adapt yet simultaneously remain true to her cultural values & purpose.


Embracing yoga aligned her to her purpose by reconnecting aspirants with their inner breath and taking them on a journey of spiritual re birth. 

After years of training and reaching a level of mastery, she made the decision along with her (international recording artist) husband & their 5 children to return to Jamaica where they manifested the ANCESTRAL WISDOM PRESERVE organization. AWP gave birth to..... 



The Centre is based in the idyllic area of St. Elizabeth which has both a physical and spiritual connection to the indigenous Taino and The Maroon people. 

Settling back into her country of birth with a young family was far from an easy task. They had to quickly adapt to the changes from a so called 1st world to 3rd world country, climate, culture of the people, food and lifestyle. Like a lioness her nurturing as well as hunting instincts led her to find a new, secure and safe home for her family. MOTHER NATURE would often remind her that SHE is the higher power by controlling the rain that provided much needed water to grow food on the farm.

The farm provides not only food but employment for women and men in the local community, one that relied heavily on tourism. Her vision to embed the innerstanding in every person that "the land is our mother and our purpose is to protect and serve the land". Seeing the overuse of pesticides in and around Jamaica and the havoc that it has on our health it's important that we live in harmony with the land and our watersheds for our overall well being. Empress Thandi Wise has become a tree rooted in ancestral wisdom. She has established one business with many branches providing support, employment and most of all love for her local and global community.

Through working at the legendary Jake's Hotel in Treasure Beach as the in house YOGA instructor for the last four years to date Empress Thandi's name and brand has become a staple in the fabric of Jamaica's South coast wellness tourism industry.

In fact, WISE WELLNESS & YOGA CENTRE  has been recognized as a part of Wellness Tourism by Jamaica Tourist Board and has played a major role in wellness tourism in the Treasure Beach area. Empress has literally been an ambassador for Jamaica. * See article links below 




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