Empress Thandi

 About Ancestral Wisdom Preserve

Queen Mother Didi Colquhoune

Ancestral Wisdom Preserve is an organization that sits on 2 acres of land located in the southwest parrish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

AWP moved to Jamaica in July of 2015. It has taken several years to become rooted in the community and acquire the land to establish a much needed organic farm and cultural center.


Since the U.S. corporate onslaught of toxic processed foods and the takeover of the farming belt of Jamaica with poisonous chemical pesticides and genetically manipulated seeds and growing products have become the norm and as a result there has been a critical rise in cancers, diabetes, asthma etc. 

We @ (AWP) are dedicated to providing alternative natural organic farming techniques, educating the community by bringing back the indigenous ancestral wisdom to raise the collective consciousness of the island.

By creating this model on our land of paradise we are already witnessing the shift.

AWP is also proud to announce the opening of our wellness center called "Rasta Wellness Centre" that provides services to the community such as colonic hydrotherapy, liver detox, foot detox, 7-21 day raw diets and a complete line of natural products.

Rasta For Wellness also provides daily yoga classes.

AWP also hosts Yoga-Wellness Retreats (See RETREATS button) Call today for a consultation @ 876-275-8499.